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Unit 2, Activity 2:

2.2.2 Interactive Standards Charts

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For detailed information about areas of emphasis and grade level changes in the CCSS for Mathematics, download the interactive standards charts through the hyperlinks below. The charts appear in the Learning Progressions videos in Unit 2, Activity 1 and Unit 2, Activity 3, and are excellent resources for mathematics educators.

Both charts open with all grade level standards and domains on one page. They can be viewed online or printed. In the online version, you can select parts of the main chart with your computer cursor to go directly to the desired area of the document. Refer to the explanations of font color and style at the top of the chart to assist with interpretation. Review and refer often to these charts as you transition to the CCSS.

Please note: The interactive charts are very large and may take some time to download and manipulate.

Next Steps

Move to Unit 2: Activity 3: Mathematics Progression focused on CCSS for Mathematics, Standard 6.EE.2