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Question 10 - Panel Video

California Instructional Leaders Panel

The video below features California instructional leaders discussing how they are addressing the following question at their sites: How do we ensure we are meeting the academic needs of all students?

Use the discussion prompts below to consider these perspectives in the context of your work. You can also use the Note-taking Guide (DOC) to record your thoughts or notes from you discussion.

Supporting the Academic Needs of All Students (09:39)

Panel Discussion Prompts

  1. What can you take away from this video that may assist you at your site?
  2. What resources or tools mentioned in the video do you plan to look into or research?
  3. What questions would you have for these educators that were not asked of them?
  4. What experiences or circumstances mentioned in the video were similar or different to the experiences and circumstances of your LEA?

Closing Question

Based on what you have heard in this video and read in the frameworks, how can you ensure you are meeting the academic needs of all students?