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Table of Contents

Quality Classroom Assessment for Science

Time to Reflect

What do you believe are elements of quality classroom assessment? In the reflection box, write your ideas. At the end of this unit, you will return to this reflection.

Time to Read

A number of educational entities collaborated in research to improve student learning in science by focusing on effective assessment practices that teachers could implement in their classrooms. The result of this collaboration is the Center for Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning (CAESL) Assessment Framework.

The key elements of quality assessments are indicated in the following CAESL Assessment Framework illustration. Select the links “Quality Goals,” “Quality Tools,” and “Quality Use,” to read the key elements of each.

Time to Reflect

Return to the reflection you wrote at the beginning of this introduction. Label each of the elements you listed as being Quality Goals, Quality Tools, and/or Quality Use based on the CAESL Assessment Framework illustration.