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Table of Contents

A Reading Text Strategy: Sticky Note Reading

The teacher has selected a primary text source outside of the classroom textbook to explore the following topic: Why some metals are attracted to magnets, but others are not? The reading strategy she has chosen requires students to independently read and mark sections of the text using sticky notes with different symbols to indicate evidence from the text. This strategy allows students to quote accurately from the text (RI5.1), to explain the relationship between two or more ideas/concepts (RI5.3), and to determine the meaning of domain-specific words (RI5.4).

Time to View

Watch the following video and see how the teacher uses the sticky notes to identify evidence in the text to answer a scientific question.


Time to Check

The strategy that the teacher had students apply in the video was to use sticky notes to identify specific evidence in the text. In the following activity, identify which symbol on the left identifies the specific evidence on the right. There may be more than one match. Input your answer in this format: A, C, E.