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Table of Contents

Writing in Science

Science exists because scientists are writers and speakers (Montgomery, 2003); their results are peer-reviewed and published which adds to the existing body of knowledge that we call science. Science is not only about “what and how”, but also the communication of what was done, how it was done, and what was learned. In other words, scientists “do" science and "write" science.

Scientists use observational writing, procedural writing, creating data tables and charts, graphing information, writing summary statements, developing explanations including claims, evidence and reasoning (WHST6-8.1, WHST6-8.4, WHST6-8.9) and writing informational reports (WHST6-8.2, WHST6-8.4, WHST6-8.9).

Time to Read

Select each of the following tabs labeled “1,” “2,” and “3,” to understand how the three types of writing may be used in science classrooms.