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Reading the Chemistry Textbook to Prepare Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes is one notetaking strategy, and it is similar to the skill of summarizing. This type of note taking is a useful strategy to deconstruct a complex text into its most important elements and key ideas. Cornell notetaking mentally and physically engages students in their learning and enables them to effectively participate in secondary or higher education classrooms. This notetaking strategy during reading allows students to filter, process, and summarize content for learning and retention. Download and print the following Cornell Notetaking document now.

Cornell Notes

For students, the Cornell Notes are a work in progress. In the three-column format, students use the last column to complement their reading notes by including new or overlooked information introduced by the teacher during lecture.  While lecturing, the teacher instructs students to have the relevant information open in their notebooks. He guides students to highlight specific sections of the text.

Time to View

This video illustrates students learning to take notes in the Cornell format. Observe how the teacher instructs the students to transform the objective statements stated at the beginning of the chapter into questions. These questions guide students while the reading the text. Students independently read the assigned text, completing the first two columns of their Cornell Note template.