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Table of Contents

Writing Deepens Student Understanding

The next classroom video contains segments from the lessons shown in the overview video:

  1. Writing reflection statements;
  2. Writing lab reports including creating data tables; and
  3. Using appropriate symbols to represents domain-specific concepts such as chemical elements and balancing chemical equations.  

The video also illustrates activities that integrate CA CCSS (WHST.9-10.2, WHST.9-10.4, and WHST.9-10.9) within the science investigation. Note that in this context the writing standards are also used in combination with reading standard RST.9-10.7 specifically when students need to interpret text in order to balance equations.

Time to View

Throughout the week, the students are engaged mainly in three types of writing. As you watch the video, observe the forms of student writing.

  1. Metacogntive ”quick writes” at the beginning and end of each day that allows them to reflect on their science learning as well as practice using specific academic vocabulary.
  2. Lab reports which includes data tables, writing conclusion statements about the collected data, and writing a claim regarding chemical reactions supported by evidence from their investigation.
  3. Synthesis writing (on day five) prior to testing to connect their learning from the entire week.
Time to Reflect

Based on the classroom video, reflect on the following questions: