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Baldwin Academy A School in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

Students Baldwin State Average
Percent students eligible for free/reduced-price lunch 86% 54%
Percent students with parent educational level at high school degree or greater 54% 77%
Percent minority students 96% 65%
Percent American Indian 0% 1%
Percent Asian 4% 8%
Percent Pacific Islander 0% 1%
Percent Filipino 1% 2%
Percent Hispanic 90% 46%
Percent African American 1% 7%
Percent English learner students 43% 28%
Percent special education students 7% 11%

Source: California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) and Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program, 2006-07

How Baldwin Academy Staff Collaborate and Lead

  • Create a dialogue among teachers: Teachers continually discuss best practices within and across grade levels during grade-level, cross-grade level, and staff meetings to develop consistent school-wide instructional strategies. Teachers participate in classroom observations to learn effective strategies from their peers.
  • Implement teacher-led staff development: Grade-level team leaders are nominated by their grade-level peers to act as representatives on the school leadership team. Individual staff leaders share their skills and knowledge for professional development during staff meetings.
  • Draw out the strengths of every staff member: Principal Wilson creates leaders from the majority of her staff by seeking out each staff member’s strengths and providing them with leadership opportunities in those particular areas. This approach fosters a sense of ownership by teachers at the school, a sense of pride, and an understanding that all teachers are leaders.
Teachers Baldwin State Average
Total administrators 2 1
Total pupil services (counselors, nurses, etc.) 0 1
Total teachers 41 21
Average years in education 9 13
Percent teachers with greater than bachelor's degree 93% 85%
Percent with full credential 95% 97%
Total paraprofessionals 2 9
Total office staff/clerical 2 3

Source: California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS), 2006-07

Key to Improving Practices
“We don't add new things, new consultants, new anything. We just get better and better with what we do. We tell people, 'It probably doesn't matter what you use, just whatever you use, get better and better at it and keep training your teachers over and over to make sure they are implementing it.'”

— Bonnie Wilson, Principal

Focused Teamwork
Success is not built on the principal's leadership alone. When the entire staff is on board and working toward a common goal, student success is inevitable.