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Resource Collections & Standards Vetting Process

Resource Collections

There are many content partners that contributed to the wonderful digital library of resources found on My Digital Chalkboard.

My Digital Chalkboard would like to acknowledge and thank the following content partners:


Standards Vetting Process

My Digital Chalkboard has been working in conjunction with County Offices of Education across the state for the past several  years in an effort to guarantee that My Digital Chalkboard is a site that assists teachers in improving  their instruction in order to increase student achievement. One of the most critical issues that arises in many classrooms today is whether the rigor for a particular lesson being taught is actually the rigor expected by the California standards for that grade level. My Digital Chalkboard worked with content experts and Assistant Superintendents from other COE’s on a process that would help teachers address this critical issue. The Ensuring Rigor through Alignment feature found on My Dashboard demonstrates this process through videos entitled Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation.  The videos walk visitors to the site through a process known as “unpacking standards.” It is the hope of My Digital Chalkboard that teachers will use this same process as a guide for the level of rigor when exploring the thousands of resources on the site.


In an effort to populate the site with lessons that have been examined through the lens of “unpacking standards” a group of dedicated educators spent hours working diligently to identify nearly 9000 resources from one of our partners, Thinkfinity, that were matched to California standards in all of the four core content areas. This group of educators have been picked because of their years of experience, as well their previous involvement with other state projects, and had to meet essential criteria:

  • To have been employed at a County Office of Education as a content specialist in the area they were matching.
  • Had previous experience working on a project that had been awarded through the California Department of Education (such as CLRN).
  • Had previous experience as a successful state trainer (i.e. AB 430 or SB 472).


The standards vetting process has three (3) levels:


Suggested Standards
Educators can "suggest" standards when they upload or edit their own resources. An educator can use the standards browser to select standards for their resource.

The resource detail page will display standards under the heading “Standards Suggested”. Teacher Suggested standards are visible only to the owner of the resource and those with whom the resource editing has been shared. Other users will not see the standards suggestion when viewing the resource details.

Standards Matched
Members of the standards vetting group have special permission to “Match” any resource to the appropriate standards. The resource detail page will display standards under the heading “Standards Matched” for all users to see.

Matched standards are visible to any user when viewing the resource and can only be changed by members of the standards vetting group.

Teachers can request that the resource be considered for “standards verification” or “standards matching”.  The request is sent to members of the standards vetting group, who will then respond the request.

Members of this group can match standards to the resource. When matching standards, the teacher suggested standards will be visible as a reference and may be copied if appropriate or overridden.

Standards Aligned
An additional level called “Aligned” will be designated for resources that are approved by the California State Board of Education.

The resource detail page will display standards under the heading “Standards Aligned” for all users to see.