Digital Chalkboard is shutting down and will no longer be available after January 26, 2022.
California is investing in a new curated repository of free, high-quality, open source instructional resources for local educational agencies and educators to use. Please visit California Educators Together and sign up for your free account today.
Please contact us at, if we can be of further assistance.

How Can My Digital Chalkboard Work for Your School or District?

My Digital Chalkboard is a place to establish communities of practice, to network with other educators across California, to collaborate, share ideas and best practice, and learn how to better provide our communities with the best schools and programs possible.

Do you want to create a Professional Learning Community within your local school/district, or maybe even with statewide colleagues?   You can create a group.

Here’s how:

As a member of the My Digital Chalkboard community, you can create your own groups and invite people to become members. This is especially useful if you wish to create groups to work on projects, discuss specific topics, or share resources. To learn more about creating your own group, please visit the Help section on the My Digital Chalkboard Community Groups.

Are you in your credentialing process? Get your University classroom involved.

Here’s how:

Use My Digital Chalkboard to form communities of practice at your College or University by creating a group. Stay connected with your classmates during your credintialing and as you enter the workforce. Use these connections to keep your skills sharp, your mind open, and even potentially find jobs. To learn more about creating your own group, please visit the Help section on the My Digital Chalkboard Community Groups.


Are you an educational administrator or coordinator? Become a Leader for your School, District, or County Office of Education group. Promote initiatives and get idea’s or projects heard! Get input from statewide colleagues or your local district groups.

Here’s how:

Most California educational institutions have a My Digital Chalkboard group available. You can become a group leader for your school, district, County Office of Education group. Simply find your institutional group and send a message on our Contact Us page, telling us the group you would like group leader access. Be sure to leave your phone number where we can contact you.

Being a group leader does require an approval process. Once we recieve your request, we will contact you to explain how the procedure works. Being a group leader can be a huge responsibility but the benefits are endless.


Are you a teacher, school administrator, or new teacher looking for ways to improve instruction? Search through our extensive database of resources and even resources uploaded from My Digital Chalkboard users. Try to implement a practice in your own classroom and share later your experiences.

Here’s how:
Click on the Resources tab, and find thousands of digital educational materials from sources including the Smithsonian EducationThe Kennedy Center Arts Edge, and resources uploaded from colleagues across California. 

To how to begin your search, please visit the Help section on Finding Resources on My Digital Chalkboard.