District Support for Students and Teachers

Lore Carrillo is the English learner Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for Natomas Unified. Her job is to support teachers in their implementation of ELD Standards as well as the ELA/ELD Framework. The Secondary EL Specialist, Teacher on Special Assignment position serves as a support position for teachers and site personnel in providing support and high quality instruction to English Learner students. The EL TOSA provides coaching and professional development to teachers, EL Coordinators and Lead Teachers and site administrators on effective instruction and supports for EL students both in SEI and SDAIE environments.  The EL TOSA also provides support to sites in developing necessary course offerings and accurate placement of EL students.

In the following clip, Lore discusses the steps that the district has taken to support EL students at the high school level. The district has made a commitment to ensure that all EL students have access to higher level sciences. Lore supports the instructional team that makes this a possibility at the high school.

In the following two clips, Lore talks about how Natomas Unified has worked this year to provide ELD Standards training to the district’s teachers. She also discusses how the district plans to move forward with implementation of the ELA/ELD Framework, as well as their vision for how to provide Integrated and Designated ELD.
Here, Lore discusses the process that the district will take to better serve English learners as they move forward with the implementation of the ELD Standards. The district is using an approach of training a small cadre of teachers to help support other teachers at the classroom level.
Lastly, Lore discusses how the district is making accessible to all teachers in the district the Snapshots and Vignettes from the ELA/ELD Framework so that they might consult them when planning for instruction in their classroom.

STOP and THINK! What are some ways that your district has supported teachers’ understanding of the ELD Standards and the ELA/ELD Framework?