Parents and Community

Connecting with parents and the surrounding community is vitally important to Natomas Unified. Lisset Mijares is the coordinator for the Parent CORES Program at Natomas Unified. CORES stands for: Collaboration, Opportunity, Relationships, Empowerment, Success. In the following clip Lisset discusses her work with parents at the district and how she supports parent engagement through the CORES program.

Below, Lisset describes the partnerships that Natomas Unified has fostered between their parents and the local library. The district recognizes the resources that they have locally and encourages parents, through a partnership that district staff has initiated, to take advantage of this opportunity.

One of the outside partners that Natomas has identified is California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE). According to CABE, their program, Project 2-INSPIRE, works with parents to increase their knowledge about schooling to ensure that parents have vital information about high quality educational options for their children (especially those traditionally underserved and/or attending Program Improvement schools).  The Project 2-INSPIRE curriculum informs parents of their role in their children’s education, works with parents so they learn how to work with the information acquired and develops parent leadership skills to ensure their participation and collaboration as part of the school community. Let’s listen as Lisset talks about how Project 2-INSPIRE has been implemented in Natomas.

If you’d like more information on the Parent CORES program at Natomas, please visit the page below.