Module Overview and District Information

Welcome to the module A Quality Approach to English Learners. In this module you will learn about one school district in California and the programs they provide to support English learners and their families. You will hear from a variety of district staff in this module. You will also hear from a parent about the support and resources that are provided by the district from the parent perspective. Additionally, we will share some short video clips that represent quality instruction that takes place at two schools in the Natomas district: American Lakes Elementary and Natomas High School.


Natomas Unified School District is located in northwestern Sacramento, CA. It is the main school district of Natomas, a suburb of Sacramento, CA. The district has six elementary schools, one middle school and three high schools. There are 13,630 students that attend Natomas Unified and approximately 16% of these students qualify as English learners.

As you begin the module on the following page, you’ll hear from the superintendent and two district employees talk about how they work to support English learners and their families in the district. Please join us as we learn about some effective ways to support ELs at the district level.