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Table of Contents

Grade 5 Overview

In the grade 5 science lesson, you will have an opportunity to view segments of a seven-day science lesson that integrates literacy strategies for speaking and listening, writing, and reading to increase student understanding of the science content. As you view the videos, keep in mind that the lesson is an example of how the integration of literacy and science may occur. The classroom teacher, like you, is on the pathway of adding the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy to her science classroom practice.

There are four videos to view in this lesson:

  1. A summary video that provides an overview of the learning sequence
  2. A video that addresses speaking and listening in the science classroom
  3. A video that addresses writing in the science classroom
  4. A video that illustrates how reading is integrated into the science classroom

You will have the opportunity to see the teacher’s detailed planning and reflect on how the teacher planned to use literacy strategies in instruction and how you might plan to incorporate literacy into your science lessons.