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Table of Contents

Productive Dialogue Builds Students’ Academic Language and Understanding

Time to View

This video contains sections from the learning sequence shown in the summary video. It illustrates activities in which Speaking and Listening standards (SL6-8.1 and SL6-8.4) are integrated into the science lesson.

Time to Reflect

List a specific strategy that the teacher used with students to facilitate the following standards:

SL8.11. Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 8 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.


SL8.4 Present claims and findings (e.g., argument, narrative, response to literature presentations), emphasizing salient points in a focused, coherent manner with relevant evidence, sound valid reasoning, and well-chosen details; use appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, and clear pronunciation.