Sample Response

My focal student is a 6th grader at the Expanding level of English language development. He is very social and has no problem communicating with his peers in English, however he struggles when it comes to reading and writing on grade level. Ms. Cassidy's video, reconstructing a text in 6th-grade science, included a lot of strategies that I think would support my student in both learning grade-level content and developing academic English. Ms. Cassidy instructed her students to focus on the language of the text and provided them with important academic vocabulary words and phrases before she read the text to them. This is an important scaffold that supports students when it comes to creating their own texts. Additionally, students have opportunities to discuss the text before they write, which relates to ELD.P1.7.1, exchanging information and ideas via oral communication and conversations.

In thinking about how these strategies could support students in Part II: Learning How English Works, I have a few ideas that I would like to try out. I think that by highlighting the language features and signal words of different text types, students such as my focal student will have a better understanding of how to write different genres.