CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and CA ELD Standards Working in Tandem

Main CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy in Action

Main CA ELD Standards in Action

(Expanding level shown)

SL.6.1c – Pose and respond to specific questions…by making comments that contribute to the topic…or issue under discussion.

SL.6.2 – Interpret information presented in diverse media and formats…and explain how it contributes to an…issue under study.

ELD.PI.6.1 – Exchanging information/ideas. Contribute to class, group, and partner discussions….

ELD.PI.6.3 – Supporting opinions and persuading others. Negotiate with or persuade others in conversations using appropriate register…

ELD.PI.6.6b – Reading/viewing closely…Express inferences and conclusions drawn based on close reading of grade-level texts…