Sample Response

The culture in this classroom is positive and student-centered. This is evident when the teacher says, "You had a problem with my hypothesis? Well I'm glad you had the courage to tell me." By informing students that not only are they allowed to challenge the teacher - in fact she is glad the student voiced his concern with her hypothesis - the teacher is creating a culture where students are empowered to question the world around them and take a critical stance toward their education. This relates to ELD Standard Part I.7, evaluating how well writers and speakers use language to present or support ideas. By informing students that she wants them to think critically about the language she uses, the teacher is setting the expectation that they will listen actively and ask questions when something doesn't sit well with them.

Ms. Park reinforces the use of academic vocabulary by including language such as "absorb the CO2" and "hypothesis." The students use the academic language of the discipline as a result of Ms. Park's modeling. The teacher could use the CA ELD Standards as a guide for adjusting the level of scaffolding English learners might need in order to participate.