Sample Response

My focal student is a 5th grader at the emerging level of English language development. She is a shy student who is hesitant to speak in front of the class, so I think many of the strategies the teachers used in the lessons I viewed would support her in becoming proficient in English. This student is a very hard worker who sometimes gets frustrated when she doesn't do as well on assignments as she would like to, and I'm starting to realize that she may not really understand what kind of words and phrases go into the type of text that she is writing. Specifically, I think this student would really benefit from learning about what kinds of verbs we see in a cause and effect text and what kind of signal words show us how ideas are related. In looking over the standards, I think that lessons similar to those that Ms. Garegnani taught would address many standards in Part II: How English Works. For example, ELD.PII.5.1, understanding text structure, would help my focal student have a better understanding of how to read and write scientific texts. Additionally, ELD.PI.5.6, reading closely and explaining interpretations and ideas from reading, would (with the right amount of scaffolding) support this student to become a better reader.