Sample Response

The culture in this classroom is very respectful and collaborative. I appreciate that the teacher realized that this class was a very talkative group, and instead of viewing this as a negative she instead saw this as an opportunity to have students practice collaborating and sharing ideas. The very essence of this video, having students share out what they heard others say, is something I would like to incorporate into my practice because it holds students accountable for listening to each other and paraphrasing what their classmates say. Accordingly, I think ELD.PI.3.1, exchanging ideas and information via oral communication and conversations, is addressed in this video when students pair-share. ELD.PI.3.5, listening actively and asking and answering questions, is also addressed because students have to listen to one another and report out. The teacher could use the CA ELD Standards as a guide for adjusting the level of scaffolding English learners might need in order to participate.