Sample Response

This teacher scaffolds language and literacy development for young English learners by scribing the student's answers and then reading the responses to the class. She engages the students by having them do a silent applause if they agree with what is stated. She also uses the same sentence starters over and over again to reinforce the language. This activity builds a positive classroom community because it gives each student an opportunity to share something about themselves with the class and it allows all class members to bond over shared interests. In looking over Part I of the CA ELD Standards: Interacting in Meaningful Ways, I think standard ELD.PI.1.5, listening actively and asking and answer questions, is addressed when students listen to Isaraya present and ask her questions. Additionally, ELD.PI.1.9, expressing information and ideas in oral presentations, is addressed when Isaraya talks about her interests to the class. The teacher could use the CA ELD Standards as a guide for adjusting the level of scaffolding the students might need in order to participate.