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There are lots of amendments in the bill of rights. The first ten amendments are important. The first amendment could allow us to have the freedom of writing, the right to assemble, and even petition the government. The second amendment has us to have the right to bear arms which means you're allowed to carry weapons to protect yourself. The third amendment allows us to not quater soldiers in your house unless the law is restricted. Amendment four doesn't allow soldiers to take stuff from your house. Amendment five says that it gurantees to get to a grand jury and do the process to the law. Amendment six allows citizens to a speedy or public trial by a jury. The seventh amendment talks about to get to a jury law suit. Amendment eight tells that there will not be excess bail or form and get unusual punishments. The ninth amendment tells that everyone has their rights no matter what. The last amendment describes that if powers are not given to the federal governments, they are given to the state goverments. Some of these amendments are still useful to the country.