Sample Responses

The students seem to understand the basic provisions of the Bill of Rights. However, few wrote this in an essay format, most just completed the assignment as a series of lists. They seemed to do poorly against the rubric that emphasizes a clear statement of purpose, organization, and elaboration of evidence. I would have scored the first three a 1 or 2 against the rubric and the last essay a 3.

This seems to stem from the assignment, which did not specify how to answer the question. Alternatively this stems from minimal instruction on what constitutes an essay. Sharing the rubric with the students and reviewing it with them would significantly help their responses as would providing and reviewing models against the rubric. Clarifying the assignment with specific requirements of a multi-paragraph essay and directions that align to the rubric would also help the quality of responses. I found the rubric easy to use and look forward to using it with my students.