Sample Responses

What evidence do you see in the videos that the students are mastering the CA CCSS for Reading, Speaking and Listening, and Writing?

The students are effectively using the text to support their answers in conversation. They are discussing the content and building on each other’s ideas. They’re able to summarize and draw inferences from evidence in the text in both oral and written communication.

What does the teacher do to provide extra scaffolding for her EL students?

While the other students were beginning their writing, the teacher pulled aside a group of EL students to discuss the information further and help them process the information orally. She reinforces academic vocabulary like “determined” and “persevere”. They collaboratively wrote their first sentences.

What instructional practice from the videos will you be most likely to integrate into your history/social studies instruction?

I want to work on teaching students to cite evidence using post-it notes to help them take notes and find page numbers. The text talk time circle seems like safe procedure to help students prepare for writing. I like way they used hand signals to indicate that students wanted to add information or had a new idea. I also like the sentence frames on the poster that would help the students cite evidence.