Sample Responses

From your observation of the students, what CA CCSS reading and speaking and listening skills were they developing?

The students seemed to be developing skills aligned to RI 1 (citing evidence from text), RI 2 (determining central ideas), RI 4 (academic and domain-specific vocabulary), and SL 1 (collaborative conversations).

What instructional idea(s) did you gain from the reading and the video that you could use to implement the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy for teaching history/social studies in your classroom?

One idea I got from the reading was using more primary sources for addressing the Common Core.

In the video, I was impressed by how the students were directing their own learning aligned to the CCSS. The teacher obviously worked on that with her students before introducing Keep it or Junk it and then they were able to do so much of it on their own. I'm thinking of ways to take those procedures and use them for other activities.