Sample Responses

The teacher provided a template of a data table by giving students the lab handout; students had to fill out the table by reporting the specific observations made during each chemical reaction. Why do you think the teacher chose this method for student reporting?

This is an important part of inquiry-based instruction. As students write down their observations they can match the observed patters with those characteristics of specific chemical reactions. In this way students must collect their information, think about the outcomes, compare these observations with what they know about specific chemical reactions and decide on which chemical reaction best fit the observations.

There were several metacognitive opportunities for students embedded in their writing prompts. How would the students' writing to these prompts help them write a better claim and evidence statement?

The quick writes included in the daily science journal and the daily science reflection connect the beginning and end of the lesson so that students must think about their current learning and understanding of the topic. Furthermore, when the teacher approaches each student individually with a probing question, the quick write provides the student with a clear opportunity to respond properly.

Also, the "synthesis" writing before testing allows students to rehearse their knowledge and practice again academic vocabulary that might be present on the test.