The student prompt is, “Using evidence from your experiments and the notes in your notebook, identify and classify the chemical reactions that occurred in the five reactions. Based on answers to the pre-lab questions; completed procedure, data table, and analysis sections (including evidence of balanced chemical equations associated with the identified chemical reactions); a summary of results including a discussion of the sources of error, the teacher would actually develop an answer to the prompt that a successful student might provide. Following is an example of the expectations the teacher would have:

  1. The statements presented in the result section follow the correct identification of the chemical reactions using the appropriate observations recorded in the data table.
  1. The chemical equations are balanced.
  1. All the questions in the analysis sections are addressed appropriately.
  1. The material presented in the previous section supports the conclusion statement and the comparison with the hypothesis statement.

In addition to the required responses previously indicated, the teacher has students write a summative reflection that allows the teacher to see students’ ability to connect previous learning with the new science learning in the week-long lesson.