Sample Response

If the data set is weekly data, what actions would you decide to take? What if it is end-of-unit data? What if it is final exam data?

If the data were from a weekly assessment, I would create a differentiated lesson plan for one day before beginning the next week’s lessons. Students who had mastered the material would partner with students who were on “the bubble” of mastery to review the material. I would work with the group of students who didn’t achieve mastery.

If the data were from an end-of-unit assessment, I would collaborate with another teacher to regroup our students according to their mastery. One of us would work intensively with the below-mastery group to catch them up while the other began the next unit with students who were ready to move on.

For final exam data, I would work with school leaders and their parents to get those students into intervention classes or extended learning opportunities.