Sample Response

  1. What genre of writing is this?
  1. What grade span?
    Grades 3–5
  1. How many scoring levels for this item?
    4 plus “NS” for No Score
  1. In your opinion, are there enough levels to allow a clear distinction between the different gradations of quality?
    Yes, there is enough room for varying levels of quality, yet they are not overwhelming.
  1. What are the criteria?
    Statement of Purpose/Focus and Organization, Evidence/Elaboration, and Conventions.
  2. In your opinion, do the criteria cover important features that are relevant to this genre of writing? Explain your answer.
    Yes, I think so. The three criteria (Statement of Purpose/Focus and Organization, Evidence/Elaboration, and Conventions) are the most important features of writing that informs or explains. An argument could be made to include other features, but it is more important to keep the rubric simpler and easy to use for teachers and students.
  1. What is the descriptor under the criterion “Statement of Purpose/Focus and Organization” for a score of 4?
    The response is fully sustained and consistently and purposefully focused; controlling idea or main idea of a topic is clearly stated, focused, and strongly maintained; controlling idea or main idea of a topic is introduced and communicated clearly within the purpose, audience, and task.
  1. Compare a descriptor for a 4 with the corresponding 1. Are they written clearly so that you could rate student work? Explain.
    Yes, they clearly distinguish the level of quality that is expected. I could easily and quickly move through the ratings and identify where a student's response fits on the scale. Sometimes words like "effective" or "minimal" leave room for varying levels of interpretation, but for this type of task there will always be an element of individual interpretation.
  1. How do the descriptors in this rubric compare to the “Chocolate Chunk Cookie” rubric?
    They are longer with more detail.