Grade 6, Visual Arts


CA CCSS Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subject (RST)
Distinguish among facts, reasoned judgment based on research findings, and speculation in a text.

Grade 6
VAPA, Visual Arts, Aesthetic Valuing
Construct and describe plausible interpretations of what they perceive in works of art.

Lesson Idea:

The visual arts student in grades 6-8, through researching the works of an artist and biography, will describe the artist's work and explain his or her interpretation of the work as a result of what the student learned from those sources.

As part of a unit on Van Gogh the students will be visually reading a selection of his works of art. Through the 4-step critique the students will describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate the artwork. The students will then research the artist including his biography. As a result of what the students learn from the variety of sources, and their own 4-step critique, each student will discuss his or her findings with the class or in small groups.