Grades 9–12, Dance


CA CCSS Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subject (RST)
Compare and contrast findings presented in a text to those from other sources (including their own experiments), noting when the findings support or contradict previous explanations or accounts.

Grades 9–12
VAPA, Dance, Creative Expression, Proficient
Perform works by various dance artists communicating the original intent of the work while employing personal artistic intent and interpretation.

Lesson Idea:

Students are learning a dance by a famous choreographer, such as Martha Graham. The students research the choreographer and the background of the dance. The students are to find, view/read, and use at least three different forms of text sources for their research. They keep a dance journal, which captures their research findings and notes on any supporting or contradicting facts about their choreographer or the dance. They present their findings to the group and note how the research has influenced their personal interpretation of the dance.