Sample Responses

How is the teacher using a discussion of pushing her own writing to help students push their own informative/explanatory writing?

She asks them to use a graphic tool to review her writing to see how much she is teaching her reader. They discovered that she could teach them more.

How does what she is suggesting move students beyond the informative/explanatory writing standards for Grade 1 students? What might she be pointing to in those standards for Grade 2 students?

She asks them to set a goal for their own writing to teach the readers more. She seems to be pointing to the "use facts and definitions to develop points" section of standard 2 for grade 2.

How has her assessment of what these students were on the verge of understanding informing her teaching them to revise and extend their writing?

She saw that her students were ready to stretch their ability to write about simple facts to provide more details, comparisons, examples, etc.