Summary of lesson (Grade 9)

A group of twenty-five teachers of ninth graders at two high schools collaboratively developed this lesson and focused on answering this question: How can report of information writing help students learn to convey and analyze information by using historic, public, and personal upstanders as examples and evidence?

What is striking about this lesson is how the teachers respond to the realization that they had never taught informative writing effectively. They begin by giving their students the writing prompt as a pre-assessment of report of information writing and analyze the students' writing to identify instructional priorities. Based on their analysis, they make the CCSS standards for organizing informative/explanatory writing the focus of their collaborative lesson development.

Through the lesson, they taught students several strategies for researching, selecting, and organizing the information, evidence, and examples that are relevant for writing a report on an upstander. In addition, every teacher modeled the writing process, from generating ideas to writing the final draft.