Responses of Other Participants

“I teach 7th grade English. Math Practice Standard #3 is similar to ELA Writing Standard #1. In the writing standard, students are expected to write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. It is also connected to Speaking and Listening Standards #1 and 3, which requires collaborative dialogue and considering a speaker’s argument and claims.”

“I teach third grade. My students would demonstrate proficiency in Math Practice standard #3 by explaining what they did and follow the explanation of other students.”

“An Algebra 2 student in my class would demonstrate proficiency in MP #1 if they could set up the model and solve a linear programming problem with four constraints.”

" A Physics student in my class would be able to show their data results using a diagram or graph, and also be able to articulate that information to peers, much like students must do in MP #1."

" I teach third grade, and my science students should be able to understand what other students say as they describe a scientific phenomenon, and they must be able to ask clarifying questions to further understanding. This skill is similar to critiquing the reasoning of others, Mathematical Practice #3."

"My middle school students need to be able to compute using appropriate units, and more importantly understand why one particular units work well as opposed to another. Not that the other is incorrect, but students should be able to argue why one would choose to use Mm over Km. This type of quantitative comprehension is similar to what is asked for in math practice #2."

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